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Top 10 Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam,- Each country must always try to develop the development of various sectors. No exception to the sexy Vietnamese artist who has now become a country that succeeded in advancing the development of the country.

Including one in the entertainment industry. You could say Uncle Ho's country has amazing wealth hidden. In the country is also famous for its hawanya with a beautiful face.

No wonder so many Vietnamese female artists are famous for their stunning faces and sexy body shapes. There is even one Vietnamese artist who is included in the ranks of the world's top actress. Well, for those of you who are curious about sexy Vietnamese artists filled with a million charms.

10. Mai Phuong Thuy

Mai Phuong Thuy Top 10 Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Mai Phuong Thuy Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

The name of Vietnam's first sexy artist is Mai Phuong Thuy. This sexy artist was able to occupy the 10th position in the Miss Vietnam beauty scene in August 2006 ago.

Mai Phung Thuy has also been one of the beauty contest participants who have the highest body that is 1.84 m. At that time he also represented the country of Vietnam in a similar event in the capital city of Warsaw, Poland.

9. Nhu Loan
Nhu Loan Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Nhu Loan is the name of Vietnam's next sexiest artist born on April 20, 1981. The famous singer from Vietnam is now sheltering on the record label Thuy Nga, one of the record companies in Vietnam.

This sexy Thai artist began to be known since he managed to join in an event titled Paris By Night. At that time he became a man who modeled the work of designer Calvin Hiep. At the beginning of his career he only acted as a singer background, but slow marine career continues to climb up to become a famous solo singer. Her debut song is Men Say Tinh Ai.

8. Bebe Pham
Bebe Pham Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

The owner of the original name Pham Thu Thuy is the name of Vietnam's next sexiest artist who was born about 17 years ago in Bien Hoa. This sexy Vietnamese artist became interested in modeling when she was 17 years old. After two years running, he tries to learn to be a model at a modeling school nearby.

After graduating from the school, he finally tried to apply in an agency LYDAC model originating from the French bureau of Vietnam. Tapatnya in 2005, Bebe Pham moved to a top Vietnam country agency, the PL Agency and immediately won the award as Supermodel Vietnam.

7. Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

The real name owner Tila Nguyen who was born October 24, 1981 in the country of Singapore is included in the list of the name of the fourth Vietnamese sexy artist.

Tila Tequila not only works as an artist, but also wrestle the field of rapper, singer, model and also the host of the show. Sexy woman who is familiarly called Miss Tila is also instrumental in an adult television show entitled The Fuse. Tila is currently located in Los Angeles, California.

6. Maggie Q
Maggie Q Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Next, the real name owner Margaret Denise Quigley who was born on May 22, 1979 in the United States is one of the sexy Vietnamese artist.

Although not originating from the original Vietnam, but his career in the land of Uncle Ho is quite bright. Today he not only works as an artist but also tries to pursue fashion model world.

5. Nguyen Thuy Lam
Nguyen Thuy Lam Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Nguyen Thuy Lam is a beautiful girl who was born on September 10, 1987. One of Vietnam's sexy bodies this artist is a winner in Miss Vietnam in 2008 ago.

In addition, he also won two other awards, namely Internet Women and Gifted Women. In the same year, Nguyen Thuy Lam represented the country of Vietnam in Miss World. Since then he began to wrestle in the world of keartisan and also singer.

4. Minh Tuyet
Minh Tuyet Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

The real name owner of Tran Thi Minh Tuyet is the name of the next sexy Vietnamese artist who also works as a Vietnamese-American pop singer on a musical event called Paris By Night.

Two younger siblings, Ha Phoung and Cam Ly also follow in his footsteps in the world of drag votes. Some of the songs he managed to bring with a very slick include Quan Vang Mot Minh, Lang Thang, and Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi.

3. Hoang Thuy Linh
Hoang Thuy Linh Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Women born on August 11, 1988 is not only known as the most sexy Vietnam artist but also known as a professional singer.

Hoang Thuy Linh is an alumni of the art school of hanoi. Being a vocalist of a band called Thien Than, he now also hosts a television show, starring in several commercials, an interactive program and several drama series.

2. Ngo Thanh Van
Ngo Thanh Van Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

Ngo Tanh Van is one of the most beautiful artists ever to be named the world's sexiest woman by Esquire magazine. In 2002 he began his career in the field of drag votes.

He also managed to star in several movie titles like 2 and 1, Oriental Pearl, Sai Gon Love Story, The Rebel.

1 Elly Tran Ha
Elly Tran Ha Sexy and Beautiful Actress Vietnam

For those who often surf in cyberspace, maybe you've seen this sexy artist. Hot photos uploaded in various international forums and internet sites are very surprising. Initially, Elly is just an ordinary blogger who like to upload her personal photos in cyberspace.

But unexpectedly, many who appreciate the sexiness and beauty of this one woman. Even Elly is also known as an Asian artist who has a large and beautiful breast size for the people of Vietnam.

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